Logistics & Inventory Management

Experienced OCTG Logistics

Energy Tubulars has integrated OCTG logistics and inventory management into the supply process.   In addition to working with experienced tubular yards across the nation, ETI has invested in strategically located facilities to ensure consistent supply and great service in key drilling areas.
ETI’s Tubular Transport & Logistics facilities in:

Bakersfield, California

Bismarck, North Dakota

Rifle, Colorado

are equipped with rail service, ample acreage for laydown and storage, and truck fleets that deliver OCTG to wellsite.

In addition, TTL provides real-time reporting of inventory and deliveries — information customers can track online at any time. TTL’s online reports provide ETI customers with valuable information used for allocating costs to a well or determining inventory on hand for drilling schedule changes.    Increased visibility provides exploration and production companies better planning and control of their tubular inventories.

TTL strives to be the leader in OCTG logistics, bringing value to ETI customers through innovation, visibility, measurability and supply chain continuity.  Material handling, inventory management and tubular delivery are of secondary concern to drilling companies because Tubular Transport & Logistics is


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Tubular Transport & Logisitics