OCTG Login: Innovative Inventory Management

Inventory Management, OCTG Inventory Report Through its customer login portal, Energy Tubulars provides enhanced inventory management tools. ETI’s co-owned Tubular Transport and Logistics (TTL) facilities completely integrate the supply, logistics and online inventory management of tubular goods.

TTL locations have the equipment, storage capacity, and technology that companies need to run efficient programs. Tubular Transport and Logistics has developed proprietary planning and management systems that track inbound and outbound shipments and provide real-time online inventory reporting.

TTL’s online reports provide ETI customers with valuable information used for allocating costs to a well, determining inventory on hand and tracking deliveries.   All of our reports are easily exported, saving drilling companies time and money.

The OCTG Login provides increased visibility to exploration and production companies, resulting in better planning and control. Material handling, inventory management and OCTG delivery are of secondary concern to drilling companies because Tubular Transport and Logistics is   SAFE, TIMELY, ACCURATE, and RELIABLE.

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