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Energy Tubulars Inc. (ETI) was founded in 1959 in Long Beach, California for the express purpose of oil country tubular goods (OCTG) distribution. Today, we are a full-service provider of world-class tubular goods solutions.  Providing cost-effective solutions, from supplier to well site delivery and beyond.

Growing through the years, ETI expanded into the Rocky Mountain region in 1985, opening an office in Denver, Colorado.  Currently, ETI has offices in Seal Beach, California, Bakersfield, California, Denver, Colorado and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our strategically located offices from the Pacific Coast through the Rocky Mountain region to our Midcontinent hub in Tulsa, Oklahoma enable us to service  oil and natural gas companies for their OCTG requirements in key drilling areas.   ETI is also a long-established tubular goods supplier to geothermal exploration, development and production companies.

As an added-value service, we operate a jointly held company, Tubular Transport and Logistics, for tubular goods storage, online inventory management and trucking to well site.  TTL currently has facilities in Rifle, Colorado, Bismarck, North Dakota and it’s newly opened facility in Bakersfield, California.

ETI affiliates, B&B Pipe and Tool,  and Petros Tubular, have been providing value-added services such as slotting, threading and grit blasting since 1926.  Both companies operate facilities  in Long Beach and Bakersfield.  Petros Tubular also operates a stock yard in Rifle, Colorado for inspection and reclamation needs in the Rocky Mountain region.

With 53 years of experience, ETI has become the premier tubular goods solutions provider throughout the energy-rich western U.S., with increasing capabilities in all the nation’s best drilling regions. ETI brings value-added products to our customers and endeavors to continuously bring new and innovative services to market.

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